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Sierra Club Singles - A Wild Success!

After being inactive for two years, Sierra Club Singles (SCS) was reorganized in the spring of 2005. We've had numerous Singles events since: a kick-off mixer at the Wynkoop Brewing Company, stand-up comedy and music at the Mercury Cafe, films, and regular potlucks at various members' homes. We'll be planning more activities in the future, and hope to host a potluck each month - check out the "events" link in the left-hand menu for details. In addition, our e-mail list has grown to over 700 subscribers. Read below on how you can subscribe to our list.

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You do not need to be a Sierra Club member to join in our fun, although we will offer you membership info at many events and encourage you to join. Besides the fun activities of SCS, there are many opportunities to get involved with environmental issues, whether you want to speak with people at a Sierra Club table at a fair, plant trees, or become an expert on a topic that is dear to you.

By all means, get involved with SCS, and maybe you'll even want to lead an event! We have already had many generous people come forth with creative ideas for events, and we will always welcome more. Come to our planning potlucks, usually the second Saturday of each month, where we share delicious food and brainstorm for new events. And please contact us to volunteer to host an event or lead an outing.

Outings are also an important facet of the Sierra Club. We're hoping that SCS will grow to play an active role in planning and organizing outings. Please contact Jacob Morgan for more information on how to become an outings leader.

Join Our Email List

If you want to stay informed about upcoming events you can subscribe to the RMC-SINGLES-ANNOUNCE email list. This list will announce all upcoming events to subscribers on a regular basis. Choose the following link and fill out the form:   RMC-SINGLES-ANNOUNCE
You may also choose this link to unsubscribe from the list.

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See some old SCS photos. We'll update some day when we have the time, but in the meantime, think about getting involved with SCS as a volunteer leader. With a few good people to take the initiative, we can make the SCS a vibrant and active group again.

Why subscribe to the list? You will get all the updated info on SCS events, including additional (and revised) details, impromptu events, and announcements of many Sierra Club volunteer opportunities as well. Your name and e-mail address are entirely secure on the Sierra Club's Listserv.

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