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Rocky Mountain Chapter - Colorado

Welcome to the Chapter Secretary's pix page!

Chapter Secretary Michele Bobyn


Click on any of this page's "thumbnail" images for a larger view!

Note: Most of the photos on this page were taken by your humble webmaster, Roger Wendell unless otherwise noted...



April 07, 2007
Rocky Mountain Chapter ExCom
Arvada, Colorado
(Sponsored by the Rachel Carson Group)
at the Arvada Police Department's conference room (Thank You City of Arvada!):

RMC ExCom at Arvada on 04-07-2007
Rich, Maggie & Susan
RMC ExCom at Arvada on 04-07-2007
Hard at work...
RMC ExCom at Arvada on 04-07-2007
Susan, Dan & Bob
RMC ExCom at Arvada on 04-07-2007
Joan and Judy
RMC ExCom at Arvada on 04-07-2007
Kirk makes a point...
RMC ExCom at Arvada on 04-07-2007
Judy, JoLynn & Kirk
RMC ExCom at Arvada on 04-07-2007
Co-chairs Rich and Maggie
RMC ExCom at Arvada on 04-07-2007
Susan teaches us...
RMC ExCom at Arvada on 04-07-2007
Lots of Sierra experience!
RMC ExCom at Arvada on 04-07-2007
Lunch line




April 10, 2004
Rocky Mountain Chapter ExCom
Golden, Colorado
(Sponsored by the Rachel Carson Group)
at the Jefferson County building (Thank you Helena!!)

Snow Greeting from Judy and Alison
Eric, Judy and Alison
provide a snowy welcome!
Rachel Carson Group Plague
The Rachel Carson Group
Set Up
Setting up...
Group Photo #2
Here's the other
Dan and his Computer
Susan watches over Dan
and his computer...
Anne Makes a Point!
Anne makes a
The Rachel Carson
Group's very own Judy!
Snack Break
Snack break
(Kind of!)
Adriana and John
Adriana & Steve are very
interested in the meeting!
Group Photo
Here's half of our
happy group!




October 11, 2003
Rocky Mountain Chapter ExCom
Fort Collins, Colorado

Yes, serving on any ExCom can be a difficult commitment... Nevertheless, your
dedicated delegates, At-Large members, and Chapter Staff made it to the Rocky
Mountain Chapter's ExCom meeting in Fort Collins. Hosted by the Poudre Canyon
Group (PCG), the meeting took place in the "Commons" room of the Fort Collins
RiverRock Commons Cohousing project.

PCG made arrangements for your busy ExCom to examine the Earth-Friendly, energy
efficient environs of the New Belgium Brewery during our meeting. It was tough duty
but it gave us all a deep insight into the inner workings of a successful employee-owned,
green corporation. And, if that looks like your Chapter Chair going down the Brewery's
employee slide in the first photo, you'd be correct...

Greg on New Belgium's Employee Slide
Susan on New Belgium's Employee Slide
Ed on New Belgium's Employee Slide
Susan and Janna at New Belgium Tour
Jimmy was our New Belgium Tour Guide
New Belgium Kegs
New Belgium Pipes
New Belgium Vats
ExCom Sign
Please remove your shoes in the Commons room!
table, short view
table, long view
Janna takes us through the survey
Janna and her chart
Susan keeps an eye on us all!
Okay, one more photo from the brewery!




July 12, 2003
Rocky Mountain Chapter ExCom
Evergreen, Colorado

Hosted by the Mt. Evans Group, this particular ExCom took place in
a wonderful 87 year old cabin just outside Evergreen. Afterwards we
all went to Ed's house for some great vegetarian shish kabob! Lighting
was a bit difficult but I think you'll get a feeling of what the layout
was from these pix:

ExCom 1
ExCom 2
ExCom 3




The RMC's 04/13/2002 ExCom
took place at Roy and Shannon Christenson's
Brush Canyon Ranch in Rye, Colorado
Peggy receives flowers from Greg
Cattleman Reeves Brown addresses the ExCom (and recited Baxter Black poetry!) during an extended lunch
ExCom 04/13/2002 Ross, Ed, David, Rich, Bill, and Mark (68k)
ExCom 04/13/2002 Peggy, Greg (Praying or Preying?), Todd and Ross (47k)
ExCom 04/13/2002 Susan does most of the typing! (53k)
ExCom 04/13/2002* Libby, Kirk, Charlie, Anne, Kathy, Jennie, and Roger (51k)
ExCom 04/13/2002 JoLynn, Libby, Kirk, Charlie, Anne, Don, Kath, Jennie and possibly Peggy's hand... (56k)
ExCom 04/13/2002 Applause for all of Ross' work (Ross received even more recognition at a celebration later that evening) (50k)
*Photo by Susan LeFever




The RMC's 01/12-13/2002 ExCom
was held at Denver's Tears McFarlane House
for a two day session that covered both our regular
agenda and an extensive planning session...
Peggy receives flowers from Greg
Peggy received flowers from Greg
for her many years of service as Vice Chair.
ExCom 01/13/2002 Denver's Tears McFarlane House (83k)
ExCom 01/13/2002 Greg, Charlie and Kathy pointing... (52k)
ExCom 01/12/2002 Study hard! (59k)
ExCom 01/13/2002 JoLynn makes a point (54k)
ExCom 01/12/2002 Most of the group (46k)
ExCom 01/12/2002 Greg's presentation (53k)




The RMC's 07/14/2001 ExCom
was held at the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club
(Howelsen Hill Lodge)
Macon, Rudy, Bill, Peggy, Greg, and Susan
Macon, Rudy, Bill, Peggy, Greg, Elaine, and Susan
ExCom 07/14/01 Balloons welcome the ExCom to Steamboat (30k)
ExCom 07/14/01 Balloons with worms (29k)
ExCom 07/14/01 David, Janna, Ed, Kirk, and Jaime (57k)
ExCom 07/14/01 Anne, Eric, JoLynn, and Ramon (53k)




The RMC's 04/14/2001 ExCom
was held at the Colorado Springs
Beidleman Environmental center

Greg, Peggy and Bert at Beidleman
Greg, Peggy, and Bert at Beidleman
ExCom 04/14/01 Welcome to Beidleman (80k)
ExCom 04/14/01 Kathy, Jean, Bill, Kirk, & Charlie (60k)
ExCom 04/14/01 Larry, Steve, Greg, Peggy, and Bert (51k)
ExCom 04/14/01 Bert, JoLynn, Kathy, Pat, Bill, and Bill (56k)
ExCom 04/14/01 Mark, Larry, Steve, Ramon, Greg, and Peggy (55k)
ExCom 04/14/01 Kirk, Charlie, Bill, Ed, Susan, Larry, Steve, and Ramon (58k)




The RMC's 01/13/2001 ExCom was held
at Aurora's Plains Conservation center
(But not in this teepee!)

Plains Conservation center Teepee
Plains Conservation center Teepee
ExCom 01/13/01 Entrance to the PCC (38k)
ExCom 01/13/01 Fran, PCC Education Director, addresses group (53k)
ExCom 01/13/01 Attendees catch Greg's ear (57k)
ExCom 01/13/01 Charlie makes a point (54k)
ExCom 01/13/01 David, Kirk, Bill, Tod, & JoLynn (57k)
ExCom 01/13/01 Peggy, Greg, Susan, Kevin, Ramon, & Janna (56k)
ExCom 01/13/01 End of the PCC road... (37k)




July 8, 2000
Crested Butte, Colorado




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