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Water Sentinels - Colorado

Colorado Water Sentinels: Your Opportunity to Help Protect Fountain Creek!

Jenny Kedward took pictures at the 4th Annual Fishing Camp on June 15 and 23, 2011. The first day was at the Nature Center and the last was at the Pueblo West Cattail Crossing Pond. We had 15 students between the ages of 11-14. They learned how to fish, about water quality and the connections to both fishing and the environment. Click here to see some photos.

Fountain Creek Water Sentinels and Trout Unlimited hosted the 3rd Annual Fishing camp in Pueblo, Colorado. Ten students met on Wednesday, July 16 and 23 for an all day class each day. Kids aged 11-14 were taught about basic fly and reel fishing, knot tying, fish ecology and anatomy, and what to do with a fish once you catch them. They also looked at water ecology including test of pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity. Click here to see some photos.

Volunteer collecting water samples at Colorado Springs on the Fountain Creek/River.
The Rocky Mountain Chapter is one of four groups selected by the Sierra Club from many applicants to receive a Water Sentinels grant to help develop a volunteer water quality monitoring program.

Water is a critical priority in our state, with regards to both its quantity and quality.

Our compact kit used to test water on the Fountain Creek/River.
This grant provides funding to monitor a portion of the Fountain Creek, with the hope and expectation that the knowledge and experience gained through this project will help people act to protect the river and other rivers in the state. We're testing the river for e.coli, mercury, arsenic, phosphorous, and TKN.

To make this program successful, we need volunteers who are willing to commit to attend one training session and at least three monitoring activities. This project will provide a great opportunity to get your hands dirty and feet wet.

Volunteers will measure stream flow and collect water samples for lab testing. Please join us in this fun and meaningful project!

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For more information on the monitoring project and future monitoring and clean up activities, please contact Jenny at (719) 582-0249 or

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