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Rocky Mountain Chapter - Colorado

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(All photos were taken by your humble scribe,
  Roger J. Wendell, unless otherwise noted...)

Sierra Club Community Service Award - Roger J. Wendell, December 10, 2005 Your humble webaster was honored to receive the Rocky
Mountain Chapter's Community Service Award for '05!

Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for Roger's photos from the Sierra Club's 2005 Summit!




Executive Director Carl Pope and Roger Wendell at the home of Jared Polis - 10-24-2006
Me and Carl Pope
Dan Disner and Roger Wendell at the home of Jared Polis - 10-24-2006
Me and Dan Disner
October '06 was a great month for your humble RCG webmaster! In addition to attending Greg Casini's farewell dinner, at Denver's Las Delicias restaurant (Angela Medberry, Mike Mueller, Mark Collier, Roger Singer, JoLynn Jarboe, Jason Wells, and a bunch of others were there as well!). I was also able to visit the birthplace of Sierra Club founder John Muir while on a road trip around Scotland!  And, equally special, I also had the good fortune of interviewing Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope for an October 31st broadcast at Boulder/Denver radio station KGNU.

Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for the interview I conducted with Executive Director Carl Pope (it was aired on 10/31/06) - it's 11mb/12 minutes long...

Greg Casini, Susan LeFever, Roger J. Wendell, and Dan Disner - 10-30-2006
Greg, Susan, Roger & Dan
Greg Casini, Dan Disner, and Judy Johnson - 10-30-2006
Greg, Marsha, Dan, and Judy
Roger J. Wendell at John Muir's birthplace, Dunbar, Scotland - 10-12-2006
Roger and John Muir...
John Muir's birthplace, Dunbar, Scotland - 10-30-2006
John Muir's birthplace
John Muir Way, Southeast Coast of Scotland - 10-12-2006
Southeast Coast, Scotland




The guest speaker for our April 12, 2005 meeting was the Sierra Club's very own Clayton Daughenbaugh - National conservation organizer for the our public lands team. Clayton presented a fascinating slide show on Public Lands at Risk, asking us: This land is our land from Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to Utah's spectacular red rock canyons, all the way to the cypress swamps of Florida's Everglades. Or is it? According to our government's current policies it might as well belong to the oil and gas industry!

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Clayton provided this background during his April 12, 2005 presentation to our group: On January 4, 2002 the Interior Department ordered the employees of the Bureau of Land Management to make oil or gas development on federally managed land their top priority. Since then, just in Utah, the protective status of over 2 million acres has been revoked. In the last four years, a land area equal to that of Texas and Oklahoma combined has been opened to oil and gas development, logging, and mining. Hence the title, public lands at risk.




Charlie Oriez and Judy Johnson working on FasTracks in 2004
Charlie and Judy at work!
FastTracks was a transportation initiative that was strongly supported by the Rachel Carson Group during the November 2004 campaign. In this picture Charlie Oriez and RCG Chair Judy Johnson are deeply involved in the FastTracks petitioning process in early 2004. FasTracks was approved by the voters, much to the delight of the Rachel Carson Group, Charlie, and everyone involved! Unfortunately Charlie passed-away, the following year, and is greatly missed by the Rachel Carson Group and his Sierra Club family...




On April 10, 2004 the Rachecl Carson Group hosted the Rocky Mountain Chapter's quarterly ExCom
meeting in Jefferson County office space in Golden (Thank you Helena!!):

Susan watches over Dan...

Setting up...

Eric, Judy and Alison
provide a snowy welcome!

The Rachel Carson Group

Here's half of our
happy group!

Here's the other

Anne makes a

The Rachel Carson Group's
very own Judy!

Snack break
(Kind of!)

Adriana and Steve are
very interested in the meeting!




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