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Rocky Mountain Chapter - Colorado

Welcome to the Rachel Carson Group's Earth Day Pledge page!


Earth Day Pledge:

Sometime around 2000, Janna Six, of the Sierra Club's Poudre Canyon Group, created this wonderful Earth Day Pledge. Unfortunately there were some changes in the club's web server and the document was lost for awhile and forgotten.

With Janna's permission I posted the pledge on my own web site until I became the webmaster for the Rachel Carson Group (where you're at right now!). Since I like the concept so much, and this Earth Day Pledge is no longer being used anywhere else, I've posted it here and hope people will take the pledge!

Arrow Pointing Right Click Here for a printable version of our Earth Day Pledge...


List of those who have submitted the Earth Day Pledge
Note: your name will only be posted here with your permission!

  1. Judy Johnson
  2. Ken Simons
  3. Pam McIntosh
  4. Allison Gallensky
  5. Roger J. Wendell
  6. Your name could be here!!

Please surface mail your completed Earth Day Pledge to:

Sierra Club Rachel Carson Group
P.O. Box 17174
Golden, Colorado
80402-6019   USA

- OR -

You can attend one of our meetings or events and simply
hand your completed pledge to any Rachel Carson Group
ExCom member or Officer!!

Unfortunately we won't be accepting Email versions of our Earth Day Pledge unless it's an actual scanned .jpg or .gif of the completed document -

Thank you!


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Rachel Carson Group
P.O. Box 17174
Golden, CO 80402-6019

Phone: 206-202-2212 (Roger's voice mail)

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Last update:
March 21, 2007

Roger J. Wendell RCG webmaster

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