by Anne Stanwick

Membership Chair

According to a recent congressional poll, the Sierra Club - with its 600,000 members - is the most effective grassroots environmental organization in the country. The Sierra Club received twice as many votes as the next closest environmental group which shows the strength of our membership.

As we move into the 21st Century, the Sierra Club will continue to have many critical conservation and political programs, But, our work cannot be done without the support of our existing members and the additional energy from new members - most notably those who are recruited in the field locally.

Member recruitment is an act of conservation. When you bring a new member to the Club, you have generated hands, a mind and more energy to do a job. You generate a potential donor, letter-writer, telephone-caller, fund-raiser, lobbyist, educator, volunteer and leader. Our members are a resource that must be renewed.

That is why we look to you, our current members, to help with this campaign. "Just One Person" is a simple way that you can become involved. Can you think of someone you know who would enjoy the benefits of becoming a member of the Sierra Club? Someone you can educate about the environment, who might enjoy receiving the SIERRA magazine, or who might enjoy participating on one of the Worldwide or Local Outings? Isn't there someone you know who would enjoy becoming a member of your local chapter?

What's the benefit of recruiting new members locally? Currently, when an individual is recruited nationally our chapter only receives a small percentage of the membership fee. When members are recruited locally our chapter receives a greater portion of the membership fee. With more members, we receive a greater portion of membership fees which are used to provide more benefits to you, here, locally.

So, how about it. Can you think of "just one person" you could ask today to join the Sierra Club? I think you can.

P. S. For your convenience, a membership application form is provided on the back of this issue of the Peak and Prairie.



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