GLS Adventure Weekend

by Todd Swanson

This Memorial Day Weekend, May 26 - 29, 2000, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered members of the Sierra Club and their friends will gather in Estes Park for an Adventure Weekend.

Whether your tastes run from technical climbing to water conservation, from effective lobbying to ecopsychology, there’s something for you.

Bruce Hamilton, the National Conservation Director of the Sierra Club will be among over forty presenters at this gathering. His expertise in environmental advocacy, environmental impact studies and organizing form the basis of presentations on "A Global Environmental Primer" and strategies on "How to be an Effective Environmentalist."

In addition, Bruce will moderate a panel discussion of activists in the GLBT community on "Making a Difference in 2000." A partial list of other skill development workshops includes Fund Raising Essentials; Recruiting and Rewarding Volunteers and Media Essentials presented by GLAAD.

If fast forwarding on the adventures and opportunities of the new Millennium is a bit dizzying, participants are invited to ponder the Archaeology of Colorado. A noted archaeologist will discuss the effects and traces of ancient peoples in the Colorado mountains.

Those who prefer outside activities can join excursions led by trained naturalists. These adventures in the wild offer insights into the migration of raptors, the behavior of Rocky Mountain Elk, the role of predators in Rocky Mountain National Park, and the hidden life of insects.

Those interested in wild edible and medicinal plants can expand their knowledge of the secrets of the forest flora. Other participants will learn how to track animals and learn to discern the signs they leave behind. Those who desire quieter reflection can join seminars in areas such as keeping an illustrated nature journal and painting the spirit of the Rockies.

Keynote presenters will offer suggestions on A Clear and Present Danger: Putting the Military on the Environmental Agenda. Our concluding keynote will discuss Gay and Gaia, the intersection of our natures and Nature.

This international gathering of the lgbt family and friends offers an experience in the wilderness. Skill-sharpening instruction will assist in the preservation of our urban, wilderness and social environments.

Participants who register prior to April 15, 2000, will receive a substantial discount. For more information, please contact our web site at for on-line registration or write for a brochure and application at: Mobilizing for the New Millennium Adventure Weekend; Sierra Club, 1410 Grant St., Suite B-205, Denver, CO 80203-1846.

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