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Volume XXIII, Number 1, February/March 1998

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Inner-City Outings Schussing Through its Seventh Year by Hank Lamport Capitol Report

Group Holds Allard Accountable by James Dennison

Chair View by Dave Mastronarde

The De-bugging of Tropical Discovery by Jan Oen, Chapter Lifestyle/Education Chair

Calendar - Wow! Lots!
Mapping for the Next 100 years by Jean Smith Grassroots - Volunteer!
Empowering Students to do Extraordinary Things: Environment as an Integrating Concept by Pam Sherman Wildlands Update
Letters to the Editor about John Denver
Bits and Pieces from the World of Pesticides by Angela Medbery, Chapter Toxics Chair
Spanish Peaks Wilderness Bill Introduced in House: Senate Action Needed by Mark Pearson, Wilderness Committee Co-Chair
What We Do For Clean Water: 1997 Water quality Committee Activities by Kirk Cunningham, Water Quality Chair
Urbanization: Loving the White River National Forest to Death by Amy Hadden Marsh
The Pending Vote on Immigration Policy Within the Sierra Club
Letters to the Editor on the Pending Ballot Issue Vote on Immigration Policy
Supporting Statement for Proposal A
Supporting Statement for Proposal B



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Barry Satlow

Thank you for years of Co-Editing.  Your talents and efforts are very much appreciated by all the Peak & Prairie Volunteers.


Cub Foods Receipts Are Valuable

Save your Cub Foods receipts if you live in the Denver-Boulder area. For every $1 purchase, the South Platte Group gets 1 back, if customers turn their cash register receipts in to the Club. Please send receipts to Charlie Oriez, 7975 S. Datura Circle West, Littleton, CO 80120. Charlie tabulates them and submits them each quarter for payment.


Co-Layout & Co-Editor Wanted!
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Call Fran Baxter (303) 238-8817

Give to Wildlife with Nongame Tax Checkoff

With tax season here, remember the Nongame Tax Checkoff on your Colorado state income tax returns. This is an easy way to give to Colorado's wildlife that are not hunted, fished or trapped: just check the box. Near the end of the 1996 tax form is a line for Coloradans to donate part of their tax refund or to include a donation with their tax payment for Colorado's wildlife.

The Division of Wildlife receives no state tax money. It relies on hunting and fishing licenses for most of its funds. Donations from the checkoff fund go to the nongame program. In 1996, taxpayers donated more than $300,000 this way.

Bald eagles, river otters, native fish and boreal toads and other species have benefitted from the checkoff. Please help Colorado's wildlife by giving a little on your 1996 return.

1998 Schedule
Chapter Executive Committee

Date Host Group
April 1998 Pikes Peak Group (Colorado Springs)
July 1998 Trappers Lake Group (Steamboat Springs)
October 1998    Blue River Group (Summit County)


Chapter Retreat (Don't Miss This One!!)

September 25-26  Glacierview Ranch
Contact Melanie Guerra (303) 715-1838




Peak & Prairie Guidelines

Peak & Prairie is published 6 times a year by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club, dedicated to the exploration, enjoyment, and protection of the wild places of the earth. For reprint permission, which is freely granted with credit, contact the editor.

Opinions expressed in the pages of Peak & Prairie are not necessarily those of the Sierra Club or the Rocky Mountain Chapter. The editor reserves the right to edit material for length, clarity, or content. The Chapter reserves the right to approve all advertising before publication. Readers are invited to contribute, but please limit your article to 750 words. Articles, announcements, and letters for Peak & Prairie may be submitted in any of the following ways, but computerized submission is preferred.

Computer Media
Articles and news items may be uploaded to the RMC bulletin board system (BBS), by Telnet at (set terminal emulation to ANSI) or via the World Wide Web at This accommodates virtually unlimited numbers of users simultaneously. You may still get on by modem at (303) 420-6905. Use 300-28.8k baud, no parity bit, 8 data bits, and 1 stop bit. Place your item into the SUBMIT file directory of the Peak & Prairie Production section of the file library, preferably in ASCII text file format. Include your name and phone number in the file.

Mail or deliver a computer diskette with your material to the RMC office. We can handle Macintosh or PC compatible diskettes, preferably in ASCII text format. Include your name and phone number in the article and on the disk and enclose a printout.

Announcements of meetings, outings, and other events should be entered directly into the Calendar of Events subboard on the BBS. Each event must be entered separately.

Hard Copy
Mail or deliver typed announcements or very short articles to the RMC office at the address above, Attn: Peak & Prairie or Peak & Prairie Calendar Editor, or fax to (303) 861-2436. Include your name and phone number.

Membership subscriptions are $1 per year (included in the annual Sierra Club dues). nonmembers may subscribe for $5 per year.

Peak & Prairie is printed on recycled paper by Barnum Publishing, Denver.



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