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Meeting Notes

The monthly meeting of the Mt. Evans Group of the Sierra Club on August 10, 2006 began at 7:30pm after Weed And Wine at the Lakehouse Picnic area. In attendance were Ex-Com Members: Betsy Kelson, Lee Lambert, and Ed Lambert. Other members: Tod Bacigalupi, Gary White, and Gelinde.

There was a quorum.

The treasurer reported that we currently have $2595.45 in our account, with an inflow of $174.65.

Betsy was to give the chapter excom report; however, she has misplaced her notes and will send the report via email when she finds them.

Lee Reported on the Guanella Pass Fund. She will be submitting the invoices for reimbursements within the next two weeks.

Betsy Reported on a request from Alan Casey, Evergreen Parks and Recreation representative, to attend a meeting concerning the Bergen Park property. A Master Plan for the acreage is being proposed. Alan needs input from the environmental community as well as other groups interested in the use of the property. Betsy will attend the meeting.

The Chapter ExCom will be coming to Evergreen on October 8. The Evergreen Recreation Center room has been reserved for this meeting. Our group will be responsible for providing breakfast and lunch for a small fee. Volunteers will be needed to help with set up and clean up. Dinner is still not finalized. Many Chapter Ex-Com members may need beds or campsites. They may be staying over for the Chapter Hike-A-Thon at Alderfer October 9 th .

Lee reported on FOMELC (Friends of Mount Evans and Lost Creek Wildernesses. There are about 30 volunteers on the ground. The Group got a grant to assist with air monitoring on Mt Evans and Guanella Pass. Lee is still recruiting more volunteers with on going presentations.

The meeting finished at 9:00 due to darkness.

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