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Earth Day 2008

Name of event Mountain Area Earth Day Fair
Description of event Learn about living in harmony with our mountain environment at the Annual Earth Day Fair. Over 50 exhibitors are expected including HawkQuest, Colorado DOW, US Fish & Wildlife, Audubon, Sierra Club and many more.
Type of event Fair/festival/expo
Start date 4/19/2007
Starting time 10 a.m.
Ending time 4 p.m.
Location or address Evergreen Lake and Lake House
City Evergreen

More than half a billion people worldwide will participate in Earth Day! On a global level, Earth Day will reflect on the global warming issue - revolving around themes of Sun, Air, Water, Earth and People. On a local level, The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club will be focusing on New Energies for a New Era.  Your own Mount Evans Group will again be co-sponsoring Earth Day activities in Evergreen along with the Evergreen Parks & Recreation District, The Evergreen Naturalist Audubon Society and Earth Day and Beyond. We will also have an exhibit titled "30 Years of Working in Your Mountain Community", beginning April 1st at the Jefferson County Library, 5000 Highway 73, Evergreen Colorado. Here is your chance to find out what we've been doing in your backyard and to tell us what you think:

Earth Day!
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