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Tell the Denver Post that journalism is not for sale!

The latest advertising ploy from the oil and gas industry front group, Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED), tricks Denver Post readers into thinking the fake, industry sponsored stories published as a part of the "Energy and Environment" section on the Post's website are real news on fracking.

Send a message to Mac Tully, President and CEO of the Denver Post, and tell him to pull this fake fracking news section immediately!
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Roan Plateau

Roan Plateau Protected... For Now

Sierra Club, with a coalition of other organizations, and represented by Earthjustice, via court decision, shot a hole in the decision-making processes that the Bureau of Land Management used to develop Bush Administration era oil and gas leasing plans on Colorado's Roan Plateau. The Roan Plateau is wilderness-quality land, but designated for energy development by the BLM. We've won this round; read-on for details

Elk Creek Coal Mine Expansion Averted

The United States Forest Service, challenged by a coalition of environmental organizations including the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter, reversed their prior approvals of the expansion of the Elk Creek coal mine on the western slope of Colorado! This expansion, aside from the direct damage to our local and global air quality, mercury pollution in our waterways and lands through burning coal, and pushing clean energy solutions and clean energy jobs away from improving our economy, would have created methane exhaust on bulldozed pads with new roads in what is now a beautiful, inventoried, roadless area that is worth protecting. Read more, and comment on our Facebook Page.

No Nuclear Power Plant in Pueblo

Hundreds of you spoke out against a new nuclear power plant in Pueblo, and WE WON!

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