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  • What is a discussion list?

Discussion lists are used by a group of people with a common interest to discuss or receive communications about an interest.  They are a mechanism, by which you send an e-mail message to one address, then Sierra Club's computer system automatically distributes the message to all the people who have said they want to discuss it with you.

  • What is an alert list?
Alert lists, sometimes referred to as announcement lists, are for people who don't want to participate in back and forth discussions, but do want to know when a letter is needed to a legislator or agency, or an interesting meeting has been schedule in their area.  Alerts tell you about these things, without the added e-mails two way discussions.
  • How do I join a list?

Click on the appropriate Listserv icon at the bottom of the page.  It will take you to a sign-up form.  Enter your e-mail address on that form and click the join button.  You must then respond to an e-mail message sent to your e-mail address to complete the registration (this is to prevent you from subscribing all your "friends" without their knowledge).

  • How do I leave a list?
The same link below letting you join a list also lets you leave the list.  Click on the link below, enter your email address, and select the appropriate option.
  • How do I send a message to a list?
You must be a subscriber to a discussion list in order to post a message to the list.  Send the message to a single email address, which is, replacing listname with the name of discussion list.  The message will then be distributed to everyone subscribed to the list.  For alerts and announcement lists, you do not need to be a subscriber.  However, the list moderator will review your message to ensure it is appropriate to the list before approving it for distribution.

Listserv FAQs


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